Oak Dragon Camps are for anyone, of any age. As long as you like camping and have the basic weatherproof camping equipment you should enjoy it. Children between 5 and 13 are catered for in the mornings only in a dedicated children's area, but places are limited on camp so as not to diminish the balance and energy of the camp as a whole.

Amenities are rudimentary but more than adequate with, Marquee, geodesic domes, hot showers, toilets, small shop and children's area being provided within the site, which is chosen for its unique natural or locational qualities. If the weather is wet there may be some mud, so if you are definitely a five star hotel kind of person, then perhaps the camps are not for you.

You do not have to be an experienced camper, but you do need to have the basic equipment, Waterproof tent, waterproof rainwear and adequate bedding. A full list can be found by clicking on Camping equipment.

Experience has shown that, unfortunately, pets must be excluded from Oak Dragon Camps and Gatherings. Oak Dragon Camps do not tolerate the use or possession of illegal drugs at any of its events.

Each Summer camp has a different themed programme, but the underlying ethos is to touch our inner more primitive side by being aware of the earth we stand on and the elements of nature that govern our existence. There is an element of mysticism, ceremony, learning and the sharing of new skills but the emphasis is on expansion, enjoyment, community and getting into new ways of thinking. We try and run the camps as democratically as we can – everyone has a voice – everyone has an ear – and everyone is encouraged to contribute in which any way they can.

For information about upcoming camps please click on the news tab above.

here to download the flyer below - please feel free to print this and put it about a bit!

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