Dear Oak Dragoners

Covid – 19 Epidemic

Due to the present Coronavirus Epidemic and the Governmental restrictions, which have now come into force, The Trustees have to advise that a decision has been made to cancel the Beltane Gathering, which was to be held at Templecombe in early May.

An exciting Summer Camp programme has been proposed by Becky, which is still being prepared. However current restrictions may be extended into August (camp dates 16
th - 23rd) so we are placing this on hold at present.

We will advise members, as restrictions allow, if the Camp is to go ahead.

We hope that there will be no restrictions on the Samhain gathering.

It goes without saying that trustees at this difficult time hope that you remain safe and well and that the Oak Dragon family will keep in touch with each other and offer help to others if asked.
Take care everyone, until we meet again,

Samhain 2020 at Litton Cheney, Thursday 29th October to Sunday 1st November

The Summer Camp - 2020 - Brooke End, Compton Dundon, Somerset

The theme of this summer's camp will be 'The Beehive'

Taking place from the 21st to 30th of August

In the heart of Somerset just south of Glastonbury, in the lea of Dundon Hill is the site where people of all ages will gather.

We camp in the round. We will cook and share food around the hearth. The camp itself becomes a sacred space and is used as such in ceremony and everyday terms.

There will be teachings, council, music, celebration, ceremony, fire, in a strong grounded community under the waxing moon and stars.


Feedback from a previous Summer Camp
Arrival after long journey was like entering a calm and restful oasis - just to be welcomed before the camping field (where I would have raced around unloading, putting up tent etc.) by a wise man who sat me down and I took breath and gently chose my Druid card animal to accompany my next ten days. I had assumed that I would pick my name out of a hat and be told where to camp as in the last few camps, but as I had arrived later than most I found myself directed to a circle where my usual friends were elsewhere, which I accepted and enjoyed, but if I had known that by arriving earlier I could have chosen my circle I would have preferred that.  All bookings, directions etc. were excellent, as was our familiar campsite - the hot showers, the fire pits, the loos - thank you to Ian and all the Crew!!!! I absolutely loved the themes and programme of this camp, a great sense of quietude and flow, the fact that all the workshops enabled me to bring my intuitive nature to come through - from the dowsing teachings - sacred space, and our stones, the morning labyrinthine dances with the new wisdom gained from our teachings, and the dream workshops, , the drumming and yoga, and not to forget the inspiration of speaking and listening during Pow wow, a gift.  It really was all a reminder to me to listen to my souls song. For me personally, I loved the space we were given in the Wellbeing Dome - such a beautiful environment to enjoy doing our healing work.  Both Trisha, Rachel and I all gained a real unity in working together, we had times of great elation!!  so the energy was there for us all - thank you, thank you, such a gift.  Please could we have a Wellbeing Dome next year? It was lovely to have the space between workshops, to cook and eat around the fire, talk to friends, the laughter, the joy at the evening music around the central fire - all of us gathering - called by the guitar - family….  And never to forget the wonderful Ronald Hutton and Anna and the amazing talent of our young ‘Actors” to give us that sense of wonder and amazement as they performed to us all.  Then the delightful Hare Night for Gilli - her delight and joy at the surprise - the outrageous ‘strippers’, gifts and flowers given from us all with such love for her and Ian’s future hand fasting. A very big thank you to all of you with the imagination, enthusiasm and vision for a wonderful ten days, where I am so lucky to step away from my usual life and enter the world of love and magic.   all blessings,
Gabrielle x

Elf crowned king of Oakdragon