The Summer Camp - Enter the Wild - Friday August 16 to Sunday August 25
The camp will be held in Somerset just south of Bristol near the very beautiful Chew Valley lake
here to download a flyer for the summer camp - please distribute!
We are drawn to the wilderness, our souls tracing a path back to nature, to find solitude, quiet, and hold communion so they may be restored.
Enter the Wild this August and let the sacred space and community of Oak Dragon Camps hold you on a rewilding journey through the heart, mind, body, and soul.
Explore your wild heart and join in play, song, and laughter. There will be workshops and space for drumming, sacred singing, and chanting to help you rediscover the thrill of wild abandon. Use the sacred and wild space to tune in to your mind, and take time to appreciate meditation, shamanic journeying, and grounding practices.
Feel the physicality of your body. Wild yourself and your senses, embracing foraging and other survival skills, within the embrace and support of community. Feed your wild soul and reconnect with nature, with our ancestors who lived side by side with the flora and fauna of Earth.
There will be workshops and ceremony, time for solitude, walking on and working with the land, and time spent in community. Wonderful, wild magic awaits!

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Summer Camp Friday 16th August-25th Somerset
Samhain Thursday 31st October-3rd Nov Litton Cheney, Dorset


Feedback from a recent Summer Camp
Arrival after long journey was like entering a calm and restful oasis - just to be welcomed before the camping field (where I would have raced around unloading, putting up tent etc.) by a wise man who sat me down and I took breath and gently chose my Druid card animal to accompany my next ten days. All bookings, directions etc. were excellent, as was our familiar campsite - the hot showers, the fire pits, the loos - thank you to Ian and all the Crew!!!! I absolutely loved the themes and programme of this camp, a great sense of quietude and flow, the fact that all the workshops enabled me to bring my intuitive nature to come through - from the dowsing teachings - sacred space, and our stones, the morning labyrinthine dances with the new wisdom gained from our teachings, and the dream workshops, , the drumming and yoga, and not to forget the inspiration of speaking and listening during Pow wow, a gift.  It really was all a reminder to me to listen to my souls song. It was lovely to have the space between workshops, to cook and eat around the fire, talk to friends, the laughter, the joy at the evening music around the central fire - all of us gathering - called by the guitar - family….  And never to forget the wonderful Ronald Hutton and Anna and the amazing talent of our young ‘Actors” to give us that sense of wonder and amazement as they performed to us all.
A very big thank you to all of you with the imagination, enthusiasm and vision for a wonderful ten days, where I am so lucky to step away from my usual life and enter the world of love and magic.   all blessings,
Gabrielle x

Elf crowned king of Oakdragon